Tons of Tomatoes – The Power of Vermicast!

Yellow, black, red, orange, white, purple tomatoes…..
And each absolutely delicious.

Two years ago, when we first moved to our current location in Vermont, absolutely nothing would grow in the hard-pack heavy clay soils (except weeds).
Nor was there much any life in those depleted soils.
We immediately began amending those dead soils, with our own vermicast and natural, vegan, botanical-based high-grade amendments.

Now those formerly dead & depleted soils are rich, productive, self-sustaining, and completely regenerative.
We have more tomato, pepper, squash, eggplant, bean, pea, potato, soybean, herb and other plants than we know what to do with.
And we have more produce & herbs than we can possibly consume ourselves.

And not only are the soils now ultra-rich & productive, but now also absolutely teaming with life.
Beneficial microbes that have supported worms & insects (including massive numbers of pollinators, ladybugs, etc.), which have supported massive numbers & varieties of beautiful birds.


P.S. – Our plants came from our own seeds, which came from our own plants last year which were grown in our own vermicast (except for the White Cherry Tomatoes, which came from Nikitovka Seeds in the Ukraine……whom truly deserve a mention here).


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